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Octopus System provides consultancy and software development services to businesses. Since being established in 1994 we have provided a broad range of knowledge and expertise to diverse clients around the world.

Bespoke Software

We develop software for Windows, Unix, Linux, QNX, VMS, RISC OS and various embedded systems using a broad range of languages and tools.

Working closely with clients we typically handle all aspects of a project, including project management, research and development, documentation and support.

We have extensive knowledge of real-time embedded systems, DVB and MPEG systems, process control, production testing, audio and video processing, audio testing, low level and assembly language programming. Our software is widely used in the professional broadcast industry as well as consumer products and we have a long list of satisfied customers.

We also develop multi-user web and WAP applications. See our Consultancy pages for further details.



Web/WAP Design

We design and host web and WAP sites using a range of technologies, including HTML, SSI, CSS, WML, Perl, CGI, JavaScript and digital photography.

Web/WAP based Applications

Flexi-Cal and Flexi-Data are multi-user, web/WAP applications suitable for individuals, clubs and businesses of all sizes. They provide remote users with fast access to a central database via the web or WAP enabled mobile phone. Easily integrated into your web site, they offer email alerts, varying levels of authorisation and much more.

Flexi-Cal is a sophisticated calendar, scheduler and booking system, ideal for event listings, project planning, call logging, meeting schedulers, gig guides, club diaries, resource booking etc.

Flexi-Data is a powerful multi-user database system suitable for price lists, product databases, menus and user registration systems.

We can tailor these applications to suit your individual needs or develop web and WAP applications to meet your requirements.


RISC OS Products

Caller ID main page

Caller Display 2 displays and logs the caller's details when your telephone rings. It runs on any RISC OS computer including the IYONIX pc and a network version is available for small business users.

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