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We have the following items for sale. Please send us an Email or give us a call if you'd like to know more.

Computer Upgrades
Umax Astra 610 scanner  
24-bit colour, 600dpi, SCSI interface with TWAIN driver (2nd hand)
Acorn AKA25 Ethernet podules  
with 10 base 2 and 10 base 5 AUI interfaces (note 10baseT/RJ45 is not supported). Supplied with Ether1 driver module. Two available. (2nd hand)
A3000 1-2MB memory upgrade  
Acorn 486 PC card (25MHz)  
Run Windows software on your Risc PC. (2nd hand)
Umax Astra S-6E scanner  
24-bit colour scanner, 300 x 600dpi, SCSI interface. Can be used with PC or Acorn computer. (2nd hand)
8MB SIMM memory upgrade for Risc PC  
  (2nd hand)
Serial switch  
3 way serial port switch (4 female DB9 connectors)  
Impression Style  
Desktop publishing software (compatible with Strong ARM and Kinetic)  
Impression borders disc  
Stylish and decorative borders for use with Impression Style or Publisher  
Fax software for use with fax modem  
David Pilling graphics software  
(formerly sold as Imagemaster)  
PhotoReal driver  
for Canon BJC4200 printer  
Turbo driver  
for Canon printer  
fast printing system from Warm Silence  
PC Exchange  
Clipboard sharing between PC card and RISC OS  
Compressed filing system (not Strong ARM)  
Tekkie disc  
RISC OS 3 Programmer's Ref Manual and other manuals on CDROM  
TWAIN driver for Umax scanner  
TWAIN driver for Nikon Coolscan slide scanner  
Bubble Help  
Suitable for Email etc using with Zap  
Pluto Email software  
(Jonathon Duddington)  
Chocks Away game  
for Archimedes and A5000  
Birds of War game  
for Archimedes and A5000  
Talking Pictures  
for younger children  
Atomwide Remote Filing System for transferring files between Archimedes and A5000 computers using serial port (not Risc PC)  

Last updated: 14 October 2021

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