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We currently offer two web-based applications: Flexi-Cal and Flexi-Data. Because of their uniquely flexible nature, they can be set up for many applications from event listings to fault tracking, from on-line contacts lists to product databases. We can develop tailored solutions for your problems at a low cost using these products.

Bespoke Applications

We can create solutions for many other situations which require on-line information for your users.

Mail (or see our contacts page for our phone number and address) to discuss your requirements.


Flexi-Cal is a sophisticated calendar, scheduler and booking system, ideal for event listings, call logging, fault tracking, meeting schedulers, gig guides, club diaries, resource booking etc.


Flexi-Data is a powerful multi-user database system suitable for price lists, product databases, menus and user registration systems and much more.


Flexi-Cal and Flexi-Data share many features:

Easy integration with your web site

Email alerts when information is changed

Easy control of user accounts

Appearance can be configured

Log files enable audit tracking

No special software to install

Can be viewed from anywhere in the world, all you need is a web browser or WAP enabled mobile phone

Several levels of user privilege allows administrators to control what users can see or edit

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