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We have been developing RISC OS products and applications since 1994, including our popular Caller ID and Teletext+ systems. We have also developed many other applications and device drivers which are being supplied or used by various 3rd parties. These include process control systems, network software, device drivers (including touchscreen and ISDN) production test systems and audio testing applications.

Caller Display 2

Caller Display 2 tells you who is calling you, even before the phone rings, it logs the caller's details on your computer, opens your notes or accounts files and stops your CD from playing. It can even announce the caller's name if required.

Caller Display 2 is now compatible with the IYONIX pc.


Teletext+ software caches pages and sub-pages which can then be accessed instantly from the cache. Teletext+ can automatically search hundreds of pages every day for keywords that interest you.

Teletext+ enables a teletextext receiver to be used in an IYONIX pc fitted with an expansion backplane without requiring any other upgrades or modifications to the teletext receiver.


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