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Octopus Systems offers a range of software development and consultancy services covering real-time embedded systems, DVB, MPEG, audio/video applications, test and measurement, process control and web and WAP applications.


We provide a range of comprehensive services which include:

Project management

Designing and specifying hardware and software systems (ranging from consumer products to web sites)

Software development for a wide range of systems including PCs, embedded systems

Preparing documentation, including technical specifications and end-user manuals

Professional photography of products and components

Web site design and development of

Graphic design and professional product photgraphy

WAP site design and development for interactive mobile phone applications

Project management


On-site training and training manuals




Octopus Systems has an excellent reputation for tackling complex problems and delivering working solutions in short time scales.

Our wide range of experience and attention to detail has resulted in a 100% record for delivering successful projects to satisifed clients.

Our skills include:

Application development using C, Perl, PHP, Javascript, BASIC and a range of other languages

Low-level assembly language programming, including ARM, ST20, 6502 etc

TCP/IP programming at the socket level

Device drivers

Embedded systems

Network design and development using ntworking protocols such as TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP, NTP, DHCP, ISDN, Telnet etc

Digital broadcasting systems, including DVB and MPEG applications, including DVB Simulcrypt Conditional Access systems and DVB-ASI systems

Real-time software development

User interface design for web, PC or embedded applications




Our experience covers a wide range of real-time, embedded and audio/video systems, including:

Embedded systems

Process control systems

Device drivers and device control

WAP applications for mobile telephones

Internet and web applications using PHP, Perl, MySQL and Javascript

Audio testing

Analogue and digital TV and radio broadcast systems including DVB, MPEG, teletext

Set Top Boxes, including all aspects of hardware and software design and development

Internet television systems, including user interface design and web browser integration

Touchscreen systems

ISO 7816 Smart Cards

Development of graphics and font software for embedded systems

Developing factory test procedure and automated testing systems

Anti-piracy analysis for Set Top Boxes and other systems

Recent Projects

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