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Flexi-Data Features


Flexi-Data gives you the information you want, where you want it

Event Listing

Flexi-Data databases are embedded in your own web pages, allowing seamless integration with your site

Our free trial allows you to ensure that Flexi-Data meets your needs before you purchase it

You can customise the display formats to present your data in ways that suit your organisation

Use your own graphical icons to draw attention to different entry types

Database appearance can be customised using your own style sheets if required

Your users enter new entries using a simple form accessed with a web browser, there is no special software for them to buy or install

Users can register for email notification of entries being updated or changed

WAP interface allows data to be viewed with a mobile phone

Flexi-Data has easy control of user accounts, new users can even set up their own accounts and add events which are not displayed until you approve them

Several privilege levels allow editors to add and update their own entries while administrators can change any entry

Flexi-Data is easy to install and configure

Log file shows changes to database entries with additions and deletions clearly marked

All data and configuration settings are held in plain text CSV files (Comma Separated Value) for easy editing and maintenance

Multiple databases can be run on your web server using a single copy of Flexi-Data

Flexi-Data is a CGI script which can run on most Unix, Windows and Linux web servers

We can host your Flexi-Data database for you if you don't have an account on a web server

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