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Web Design


Octopus Systems provides a complete web site design and hosting service.

Our expertise covers:

Website design

E-commerce applications (shopping carts)

Web-based databases

Web based calendars and booking systems

Server side scripts (CGI scripts)

Client side scripts (JavaScript)

Secure areas on the site, restricting access to permitted users only

Digital photography, manipulation and retouching

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Stages of web site design

We offer a free one hour consultation to discuss your needs, this can be at your premises, our premises or via phone.

After the consultation, we will write and agree a specification with you for your site and produce a quote for the design and production of your site.

Once the specification and the quote have been agreed, we will then produce several initial site designs for you to choose from, which will be placed onto our site for you to access. It is best to make any changes to the overall design at this point, as later changes will cause extra work and may result in a higher price being charged.

At this point you will need to provide the text and any agreed images to go onto the site.

When the design has been agreed we can then build your site, write any necessary scripts and then upload the whole site onto the web. We can host your site on our server, upload it onto your server or supply it in electronic form for you to place on your server.

Once you have tested and accepted the web site, payment will then become due.


We work either to a fixed price contract or for an hourly rate if appropriate.

We find that most customers prefer a fixed price contract as this allows them to budget for the cost of the web site more easily.

It is impossible to quote a typical price for a web site before entering into a period of consultation with the customer as requirements vary so much.

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