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Our recent projects include desktop applications, device drivers, client-server systems, databases, process control, real-time embedded systems, production test systems, telecoms and TCP/IP networking.

Some of our recent customers include:

Pace Micro Technology

We have delivered numerous software projects to Pace over many years, including ISDN and ISO 7816 Smart Card drivers for Internet Appliances and various projects for their Internet Television products.

Edward Baker

Edward Baker Logo Edward Baker commissioned Octopus Systems to develop process control software for numerous production control systems in their Sudbury factory.

We developed over 10 process control systems and each one typically handled 500 digital and analogue inputs and outputs in real-time. The systems provided multi-screen mimics and communicated with each other in real-time using network protocols developed by Octopus Systems. Sophisticated detection and recovery systems were implemented to handle and report plant failures.

Nestlé Purina

Octopus Systems has developed numerous applications for Nestlé Purina over 5 years, including real-time control systems and network gateways and communication protocols to enable legacy systems to communicate with Rockwell PLCs.

Acorn Network Computer

Acorn Logo

Octopus Systems developed the ISDN driver for Acorn Network Computers and were responsible for the testing and telecom approvals, as part of Oracle's Network Computer project.

We also developed drivers and boot systems for their DeskLite thin-client system.


DVB Projects

Octopus Systems have worked on numerous DVB projects for several digital television companies and STB manufacturers,

Projects have included:

Work on ETSI TS103 197 DVB Simulcrypt systems

Developing software for ARIB/MULTI-2 Conditional Access systems used in Japan

Real-time processing of MPEG-2 transport streams over DVB-ASI (IEC 60728-9 and CENELEC EN50083-9), including extraction and replacement of packets and sections

Developing software to generate and analyse MPEG-2 test streams in order to test DVB equipment

A production test system to test DVB equipment before it leaves the factory

HR Wallingford

HR Wallingford Logo HR Wallingford specialises in civil engineering and environmental hydraulics. Their ship simulation training systems use a network of computers, each handling a particular aspect of the simulation (display, navigation etc) and communicate via an Ethernet network.

In 1997 we designed and implemented TCP/IP network protocols to enable rapid real-time communication between the computers to facilitate rapid application development.

Castle Technology

When Castle Technology developed the Iyonix pc, their new 32-bit RISC computer they commissioned Octopus Systems to provide technical support, training material and updated technical manuals. We also developed an interactive web database for their web site to enable independent software vendors and users to provide details of third party products.


Sentech Logo Sentech, part of the South African Broadcast Corporation use Lindos LA100 Audio Analysers for testing their lines, networks and transmitter paths. We developed the original firmware for the LA100 and produced a special version with their own specific tests programmed into the unit's EPROMs.

Lindos Electronics

Lindos Logo

Octopus Systems developed the Lin4WinXP software to enable LA100 and MiniSonic audio test systems to be controlled from a PC running Windows. This software is now sold worldwide by Lindos Electronics under licence.

Acorn Audio Testing

Acorn Logo

Octopus Systems developed the production test software for testing the 16-bit audio output on Online Media's ADSL STB and Acorn's Risc PC's. This generates real-time test waveforms measured using a Lindos LA102 Audio Analyser under RS232 remote control. This was used on various production lines for testing desktop computers, STBs and thin-client systems.

Lindis Touchscreen Software

Lindis Logo Octopus Systems developed Touchscreen software for Lindis International which were sold with their various touchscreen products. One model used a panel which clips over a conventional monitor while another has a touch sensitive membrane built into a monitor. Our software includes a driver for each device and sophisticated multi-point calibration software which enables the user to calibrate the screen accurately and correct for non-linearities of a CRT (including trapezoid, rotation and barrel distortion). This is now in widespread use in many schools and public information kiosks worldwide.

We also wrote several manuals for Lindis including manuals for the Touchscreen products, Presenter GTi graph plotting software and CadMust PCB design software.


Octopus Systems have run various training courses including courses for Belgacom, the leading telecomunications company in Belgium.

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