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There are too many features in Teletext+ to mention here, but I think it is safe to say it will do anything you require of it...
Alan Highet, Risc User July 96

The predictive cacheing is really cunning. The system keeps a list of the pages you actually look at, and gives them a score to reflect how often you check them.

J Woodthorpe, Archive 9.7, Apr 96

Could it be another case of 'the best software available on any platform', like Sibelius and Holy Bible?
Paul Beverley, Archive 9.7, Apr 96

This software opens up a new lease of life for teletext.
Mike Cook, Acorn User, March 98

I am VERY impressed with your software. I had not appreciated how much I would be getting for my money.
Neil Dunford

IYONIX pc Compatibility

Teletext+ is now compatible with the IYONIX pc. See the support page for details.

Teletext+ Software

Advanced teletext browsing for RISC OS

Teletext+ software brings a new level of sophistication to teletext browsing on Acorn computers. Pages and sub-pages can be accessed instantly from the cache and Teletext+ can automatically search hundreds of pages every day for keywords that interest you.

Teletext+ software will work on an Acorn computer with a Computer Concepts, Design IT, Ground Control, Irlam, Morley, Solidisk, Wild Vision, Yellowstone or Octopus Systems teletext receiver. In particular, Teletext+ enables these receivers to be used in an IYONIX pc fitted with an expansion backplane without requiring any other upgrades or modifications to the teletext receiver.

Please note we can no longer supply Teletext hardware and our Teletext+ software is for Acorn computers running RISC OS - it will not work on a PC running Windows.

Teletext page

This page describes the Teletext+ software and prices. Other pages have technical details, Teletext+ support and a screenshot. You can also see John Woodthorpe's Teletext+ review which was originally published in Archive 9.7, Apr 96 and recently updated.

When used with the Computer Concepts TV Tuner/Teletext card the system can also be used as a Telebutler Home Information System to to display useful information on every TV in your home (including telephone caller display).

Teletext+ is fully RISC OS compliant and displays teletext pages in a scalable window whilst happily multi-tasking alongside other programs. Pages may be selected by entering a 3 digit page number, by choosing a page from a list or by clicking on a page number or Fasttext link on the screen. For example, clicking on the page number beside a news headline will show the news page.

See below for prices and ordering details.

Page Cacheing for Fast Access

The major problem with traditional teletext systems is the speed of accessing teletext on a television set, or using a typical computer system can be quite tedious. After entering a page number it often takes 25 seconds before the page is available, simply because the teletext provider transmits each page in turn. Teletext+ overcomes this problem by storing pages and sub-pages in a cache, as they are received. When a new page is selected it will be displayed immediately from the cache whenever possible.

Teletext+ will cache all of the pages that are specified in a script file as well as any pages that are frequently used (it remembers which pages have been used from day to day and caches the most commonly used pages first). While this background cacheing is taking place the computer and Teletext+ can still be used normally.

Where a page has several sub-pages each sub-page is cached for quick access using the cursor keys to step through the sub-pages (TV listings and share price pages show the sub-page in the corner, eg 2/5).

Saving Pages and Data

Pages can be saved to disc in teletext form or as sprites, plain text or Impression DDF files. Teletext files can be re-loaded into Teletext+ while sprites and text can be loaded into other applications. There is even an option to save every sub-page in a single text file. Pages and data from pages can also be saved automatically under the control of a Teletext+ script file. You could for example, automatically record a portfolio of shares every day in a CSV file for use with the Apricote Studios Shares software or record the recipe of the day or news headlines in a different file each day.

Keyword Searching and Alarms

A simple script file is used to specify a list of keywords that interest you and Teletext will then search hundreds of pages for every keyword. You can search every page or divide pages into groups and search each group for different keywords. Every Teletext line that is found to contain a keyword normally appears in the Found window and the page can be displayed by clicking on the line. Instead of displaying the line Teletext+ can record data on disc in various formats when a keyword is found. If a keyword appears in a TV or radio listings page Teletext+ can set an alarm to remind you just before a programme starts. For example, if you have entered 'Newsnight' as a keyword the computer will beep just before Newsnight starts. If you use Speak software as well then Teletext+ will even speak a reminder (in this case it would say 'BBC2 Newsnight' just before it starts).

Other features

Teletext+ can set the computer clock from the teletext time; pass WWW addresses to a Web browser; pass Email addresses to your Email software and dial telephone numbers from Teletext pages. It can even be used with extra hardware to display your favourite TV programmes and Caller ID information on every TV in your home (so you can see who is phoning you from any TV).

For more details see: Teletext+ technical details, Teletext+ screenshot and John Woodthorpe's Teletext+ review (originally published in Archive magazine).

Ordering and Prices

Teletext+ V7.25 software is supplied with a 50 page wire bound manual and is available from stock. Please note that we have sold out of Teletext cards. Please see our main prices page for prices and ordering details.

All hardware has a a one year guarantee, and if you need any help, full technical support is available by phone, fax, post or email, and also from our Teletext+ Support Web page.

For more details please email us at or see our contacts page for our phone number and postal address.

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