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Caller Display 2


Shows your customer's details the instant the phone rings


This page describes RISC OS software for Acorn computers.
We also offer a version for Windows running on a PC.
Caller ID is now compatible with the IYONIX pc. See the support page for details.

Just imagine: The phone is about to ring. You don't know it, but your computer does, so it displays the name and number of the caller, opens their notes and account records, turns off the audio CD that is playing in your CDROM drive and marks their location on a map of the UK. It does all of this just before the phone rings and then speaks the name of the caller, in case you are away from the screen.

All this is possible using the Caller Display 2 System from Octopus Systems. This page describes the RISC OS version for Acorn computers which works with our Caller Display units or with Pace 56k voice modems. A Windows version offering similar facilities is also available.

"The product is delightfully simple to use. It works very well and could be a positive boon for a small business. You can impress your customers by having their details already open on the screen before you answer the call."

Alan Wrigley, Risc User 10.3, Jan/Feb 97

The Caller Display service is available on most telephone lines even if you don't have the 1471 service. It costs just £4 per quarter from BT and it's free with some other telephone companies.

Enabling Caller Display

Most telecoms companies, including BT, can provide the Caller Display facility. On BT lines you need to request it (dial 150 for residential lines or 152 for business lines). BT charge £4 (inc VAT) per quarter for providing the service. Many other telecoms operators offer it as a free service.

Do not confuse the free 1471 service with Caller Display. You can call 1471 from any telephone to find the number of the last caller (after the call has finished), but the Caller Display system enables you to see the number of the caller before answering.

"The level of technical support provided by Octopus Systems has been excellent, as has their upgrade service via email. I would certainly recommend this package to anyone considering using the Caller Display System for either home or business use. Could they have yet again produced 'the best software available on any platform'?"

John Hampson, Archive 10.5, Feb 97


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