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We recommend that you take the time to read this page and think about the points below before your consultation to get the maximum benefit.

What is the purpose of your proposed web site? Is it educational, a selling tool or a way of distributing information about your products or club?

Who is your target audience? Age, sex, profession, income and place of use should all be considered as they affect the final content and appearance of the web site. Educational Flash movies may be appropriate on a fast intranet site in a school, but home users with slow modems want the information quickly.

Think about what you want to present on your site and how you will break it up into pages. If you already have a brochure or leaflet about your organisation then this is a good place to start, as it is likely to be already split up into suitably sized sections.

Sketch some simple layouts on paper, but don't spend hours making elaborate sketches as you will probably end up changing your mind about the way the pages will appear during the consultation.

Think about colours you would like to use on your site. If you already have a logo then it is a good idea to coordinate with the colours used in it. If you have a stunning picture that you would like to use on your home page, we can sample colours from that to get a uniform feel for your site.

Take a look at some similar sites or the sites of some of your competitors to see how they do things and think about how you could improve on their sites. For instance, you might want to include search facilities on your site to help your users find the right tool for the job.

Try using a search engine such as Google (www.google.com) to find similar sites or those of your competitors. What keywords give the best results?

Do you have information that changes frequently or that may be added to, such as a price list, a menu or an events listing? If you do, then you might find that an online database is a good way to present the information to the end user as this can easily be updated by you or your staff, removing the need to ask us to make frequent changes to your site.

Are there any items which are very common within your organisation which might be useful for buttons or other icons? For example, an aquarium might want to use images of tropical fish, bubbles or coral as graphics for buttons whereas a garage might want to use images of tyres or tools instead.

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