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Hosting means putting your web site onto a server where other internet users can access it.

We offer a complete hosting service for web sites whether they are simple sites with a handful of pages or complex sites generating dynamic HTML from an SQL database.

We can host a web site that you have designed or do the design work for you.

The service includes the ability to run CGI scripts on your site and to use SHTML files.

Web Hosting Packages

50MB web space
5 POP3 accounts
1GB Bandwidth/month

£60 per year

50MB web space
10 POP3 accounts
2GB Bandwidth/month

£120 per year

100MB web space
15 POP3 accounts
3GB Bandwidth/month

£100 per year

150MB web space
20 POP3 accounts
4GB Bandwidth/month

£180 per year

250MB web space
50 POP3 accounts
7GB Bandwidth/month

£200 per year

500MB web space
100 POP3 accounts
10GB Bandwidth/month

£350 per year

Please note that VAT at 20% will be added to these prices.

If your requirements are not covered by one of the listed packages, please contact us at for a quotation at or see our contacts page for our phone number and address.

Features on all of these packages include:

  • Web sited hosted in UK running on Linux Operating system
  • Up to 5 POP 3 accounts per web site (more available upon request)
  • Unlimited email addresses (each address can send email to one or more POP 3 accounts)
  • Web mail enables email to be read anywhere via a web browser (as well as being transferred to a PC)
  • Full FTP access to your web site
  • CGI, Perl and PHP all supported
  • Server Side Includes (SSI) to simplify web design and provide templates for all of the web pages
  • Cron jobs for running programs at fixed times (eg for daily reports)
  • On-line control panel for controlling your web site
  • Web statistics
  • Real audio and MP3 support
  • WAP support
  • SMTP gateway
  • SQL database available as an option
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