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We will provide several initial designs for you to choose from once quotes and specifications have been agreed.

Design Philosophy

We go to great lengths to make the pages we design as stylish, yet quick to download as possible and that they look good on many different browsers. We do this by ensuring that all graphics are optimised, that the HTML we produce is syntactically correct and by testing the pages on many different browsers.

We design pages in such a way that elements which are common to each page are created once and then included on each page. Examples of such common elements are a background, menu or a banner across the top of each page.

Designing a site using common elements in this way makes it a lot easier to make changes which will affect the appearance of the whole web site at once.

Server side scripts

Our expertise allows us to create server side scripts to make your site easier to maintain and even more useful for you and your users. A few examples are given below:

The navigation bar at the top of each page on this site is created by a server-side script when the page is loaded. It easy for us to add new pages to the site without having to update lots of other pages.

Security scripts to make parts of your site secure: a user must enter the correct password in order to be able to access a certain page.

Search facilities on your site to make it easy for users to locate the pages they are interested on your site.

Logging facilities to collect data from your users and mail it to you or present it on a web or WAP page for you.

Client side scripts

We can write scripts that animate parts of your pages, check the data entered by a user on a form, make it easier for your users to enter information and many other uses.

Web Applications

As well as designing and building your web site, we can include many other facilities, such as the ability to make purchases online, an on-line fault tracking system or a calendar.

These turn your site from a static source of information into a dynamic resource for you and your customers.

The consultation process will highlight areas which could benefit from these applications.

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