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Caller Display Demonstration


Caller Display Demonstration

A demonstration version of the RISC OS software is available and you can try it now, as follows:


Download Caller.zip


Drag caller.zip to Spark or SparkPlug to access the files


If you have RISC OS 3.60 or earlier you should update your
!System directory, as follows:

If you have a Risc PC or A7000 with RISC OS 3.50 or 3.60:


Double-click on !Boot (on your hard disc) and then click on System.


Drag !System from the floppy window to the System window as instructed.


If you have an older computer with RISC OS 3.00 or 3.10:


Press MENU over a filer window and ensure Options->Newer is ticked.


Drag !System from the floppy disc to the directory containing
!System on your hard disc.


Double-click on !CallerID to run the demo.


Use Acorn's interactive Help program for a full description of each button and menu item

Note that you can use this demonstration as a useful utility by simply deleting the DemoScript file inside the application. You can then use it for storing your personal telephone directory, or dialling numbers and for looking up area codes. Use Acorn's interactive Help program for a full description of the buttons and menus in the CallerID program.


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