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Caller Display 2 Features


What Happens when the Telephone Rings?

When somebody telephones you their telephone number is shown in a window, together with their name if it is in the user database. An existing database can be easily imported and new names can be added during a call.

A specified file or directory can be opened automatically when a call from a particular number is received. This can be used for telephone notes allowing you to refer to previous calls, find addresses or make notes during the new call (much like the BT CallScape system which was advertised on TV).

All incoming calls are recorded on disc, and each call is labeled with its duration or 'unanswered' if the call was not answered. The number of new calls is displayed and you can either step through the calls or show the list of all incoming calls.

A single click on the List button will show all of the previous calls to or from a particular person, together with the date, time and call duration.

The RISC OS software links to other applications (including Datapower 2, Impact Pro and Prophet 3) to display the caller's records. It also works with Speak software to speak the caller's name and this is especially useful if you are away from the computer when the telephone rings.

Dialling Numbers

The software can dial a telephone number from the directory, or re-dial the last number that called you with a simple mouse click. It also offers a fast search facility for finding telephone numbers from names or names from numbers.

Ring Back

The BT Ring Back service can be used to tell you when a busy line becomes free, and the Caller Display system will remind you of the number and the name that you dialled (a useful reminder if you are using multiple ring backs concurrently, or if it was a while since you dialled the number).


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