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Network Caller Display 2


Network Caller Display

Network Caller Display is now available and shipping. It runs on any RISC OS computer with RISC OS 3 or later, on an Access, Access+ or TCP/IP network.

New calls are displayed on every computer on the network: each user sees the details of incoming calls as soon as a phone rings so they can decide whether to answer or whether to let a colleague answer.

Each user can search, list or update the database, and changes are immediately shown on all of the other user's screens. Several telephone lines can be monitored simultaneously by adding an additional Caller Display unit for each line. See the prices page for prices and order details.

Multiple Lines and PABX Systems

Caller Display can be used with more than one telephone line by simply adding an extra Caller Display unit (or modem) for each line. Each unit is connected to its own serial port on the computer, so with a triple serial port card you can monitor up to four telephone lines (using the built-in port for thr fourth line). If you want to monitor more lines we can provide a special 6 line unit which works via a single serial port.

If you have your own internal telephone exchange (PABX) you can still connect Caller Display units by plugging them into the outside lines. Our new CID1 units (with two LEDs) have been specially designed to allow this and will work on the outside line before the exchange.


See our prices page for futher details of prices and how to order.

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