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What Hardware Do I Need?

Caller Display 2 is supplied with a small Caller ID unit.

If you have two or more telephone lines and can use a Caller ID unit on each line (up to 4). You will need a serial port card to provide the extra ports for additional units. With the serial port card it is possible to use Caller Display on the voice line while using a modem on the other line to access the Internet or send a fax.

Caller ID Unit

The CID1 Caller ID unit may be used in place of a Pace modem to decode Caller ID on incoming telephone calls. It plugs into a standard telephone socket and passes Caller ID information on to the computer via its serial port. A telephone splitter adapter is included so you can connect a normal telephone to the same telephone socket.

The CID1 unit is BABT approved and is powered from the computer's serial port. It has an REN (Ringer Equivalence Number) of 0, so it can still be used even if your total REN is already 4 (for example, if you have 4 telephone handsets on the same line).

As well as logging and displaying details of incoming calls it will log outgoing calls dialled from any telephone extension. Whenever somebody dials out using an extension on the same line the telephone number (and the name, if it is in the database) appears on the computer screen.

All incoming and outgoing calls are timed so you can immediately see how long each call lasted.

The system may be used with any modern Acorn computer, including the Risc PC, A7000, A5000, A4000, A3020, A3010 and A4, and a PC version is also available.

If the serial port is already used (perhaps for a modem) or if you have an older Acorn computer, such as an A300 or A400 machine you are advised to use an extra serial port card (available from Octopus Systems).

Pace 56k Voice Modem

Our RISC OS Caller Display software works with the Pace 56k voice modem. Unfortunately these modems are no longer manufactured and we have sold out, but CJE Micros still have some left.

Note that this modem supports the BT Caller ID standard. Although many other modems claim to offer Caller ID, most do not work on BT lines as they are designed for the US market.

This modem works well with the ANT Internet suite using a driver which we supply and also with Arcfax for sending and receiving faxes. Caller Display works alongside these other programs so it will detect the incoming Caller ID when you receive a call, but still allow Arcfax or InetSuite to use the modem. Once they have finished Caller Display automatically takes over again.


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